Chicken Bacon Ranch Instant Pot Chicken Taquitos Recipe


Chicken Bacon Ranch Instant Pot Chicken Taquitos Recipe

Once you learn how to make chicken taquitos, I have a feeling you are going to have a new favorite recipe. I seriously make these at least once a month because my family can never get enough. The combination of chicken and cheese is so filling and satisfying. We will even make these shredded chicken taquitos in advance and have them in the freezer ready to go whenever we are looking for an easy dinner idea. You know those nights when you dread the idea of cooking? These chicken and cheese taquitos are the answer!

Can I Make This Without Using A Whole Chicken?

Yes, you can make these baked chicken taquitos without using a whole chicken. Simple use cooked chicken breast, chicken tenderloins, boneless skinless chicken thighs, or other kinds of meats that you like. You could even use ground beef, sausage, or anything else you enjoy.

Variations to Recipe 

I love that you can adjust the ingredients and add in other flavors to change the way it tastes. You’ll never get bored because you can always add in other flavors. Here are a few of our favorite ideas?

  • Mexican Cheese – Instead of Monterey Jack, use a Mexican cheese instead. It has a lot of fantastic flavors and is an excellent combination to the other ingredients. 
  • Red Onions – Chop up some red onions and add them to the filling. If you love red onions, you are sure to enjoy the flavors they provide in the instant pot chicken taquitos. 
  • Corn Tortillas – I prefer to use flour tortillas, but you could swap them for corn tortillas if that is your preference. 
  • Gluten-Free Tortillas – If you eat gluten-free, go ahead and use gluten-free tortillas. They will cook up perfectly and will give you an easy gluten-free dinner idea. 

Can You Freeze 

Yes, freezing the homemade chicken taquitos is a great way to save them and have them around when you need a fast dinner. Cook them as directed, then lay them out on a baking sheet. Place the pan in the freezer and chill for at least 2 hours. Once frozen, remove the taquitos from the pan and place them into a freezer bag. They will last up to three months in the freezer. Heat them in the microwave or bake in the oven until hot. 

Can I Fry The Taquitos instead of baking 

Yes, these easy Instant Pot chicken taquitos are great for frying. Heat the oil up to 350 degrees and cook until golden brown. Be sure to turn over as they are cooking, so both sides fry evenly. Serve hot and enjoy!

Can I Use Turkey Instead of Chicken 

Yes, dice up some cooked turkey and replace the chicken. This is a terrific idea after the holiday when you end up with lots of leftover turkeys. Or if you find a great deal that’s too good to pass up. The flavors of chicken and turkey are similar so that the results will be similar too. 

What Is The Best Size of Tortilla To Use For Making Taquitos 

I recommend using a 6-inch tortilla. It’s a great size that is easy to eat and cooks well. You can opt for something larger if you want, but keep in mind that you will have a lesser amount of taquitos because they will need more fillings. 

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