Chocolate Skillet Cake Ice Cream


Chocolate ice cream is one of the favorite desserts for all, summer and winter with different flavors of fruits and chocolate

* Ingredients:

° 2 cups of full-fat liquid milk.

° A cup of whipping cream.

° 6 teaspoons of cocoa.

° A cup of sugar.

° Yolks 3 eggs.

* How to prepare:

Milk is placed in a pot on the stove, left to a boil, and then removed from the stove.

Leave the milk aside to cool, then return to the fire, with the addition of cocoa and cream, and stir well, then remove from the stove before boiling.

Mix together sugar and egg yolk, and mix to get a white color.

Place half of the egg mixture on the milk mixture, and stir for about 5 minutes.

Return the mixture to a quiet fire, and stirring for about 5 minutes to a boil.

Ice cream is placed in the refrigerator, and left for about 12 hours.