Christmas Trifle



1 boxvanilla cake mix

1 tspalmond extract

1bag whole cranberries, fresh or frozen


1 box(6 oz) instant vanilla pudding

3 ceggnog

1 qtheavy cream, whipped



1 Prepare cake according to package directions. Mix almond extract into batter before pouring into cake pan to bake. Allow to cool completely.

2 Prepare whole cranberry sauce according to directions on package. Squeeze one half of the orange and add juice to cranberry sauce. Cool completely.

3 Whip the cream and add sugar to taste.

4 Prepare the pudding according to package directions substituting egg nog for milk.

5 Cut the cake into 1″ cubes.

6 In the following order, layer the ingredients in a trifle bowl or similiar clear bowl, such as a salad bowl or punch bowl:

1. cake
2. pudding
3. cranberries
4. whipped cream.
Repeat as necessary to fill the serving bowl, ending with whipped cream. Garnish as desired

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