Crescent Roll Apple Pie Bites Recipe


Easy to Make Apple Pie Bites

I love apple pie, but I don’t always want to make a large apple bite. These apple pie bites are little apple crescent rolls. It makes the best mini apple pies. This is a great last minute dessert and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Crescent Roll Apple Pie Bites Recipe

What to Serve with Crescent Roll Apple Dumplings

I love to make these as a simple weeknight dessert, I love to serve them to guests as well. The taste is amazing, and no one would think these are as simple as they are to make. Everyone will think you spent all afternoon on them. So while these are the best crescent roll apple dumplings, you will want an equally amazing dinner to go with them.

What are the Best Apples for Apple Pie

What makes the best apples for apple pie? Well, there are a few different things to look for. When you are thinking about buying apples for apple pie, you want to know which of the 7,500 different apples to choose from that are available across the world. Who knew there was so many apples. Even in the US alone, there are 1000 apples to choose from. Knowing what to look for in apple pie apples is the best way to know what apples to use.

 When you are looking for apples to use in apple pie you want to look to certain textures and tastes. There are definitely apples that are considered perfect for baking. Some apples do not cook well because they do not soften up and other apples become too mushy when you bake with them. The best baking apples are apples that have the blend of sweet and tart that bakes well.

What Apples to Use

The best apples to use for apple pie are:

  • Granny Smith Apples– These are a favorite when it comes to making an apple pie. These apples are very firm, do not mush when cooked and has the tart taste that goes well with the sugar in apple pie.
  • Golden Delicious– Golden delicious is a yellow apple that is pretty easy to find all year long. It is a sweet and tart apple that is perfect for apple pie. It bakes well, not as firm as Granny Smith but does not mush when it cooks.
  • Rome – This is often referred to as a beautiful apple. It has perfect red skin and the most “apple” shape. The flavor is not pronounced and can be considered bland, but this is not a bad idea when it comes to making a good apple pie. It lets the flavors of the pie stand out.
  • Honeycrisp – While Honeycrisps are one of the sweeter varieties of apple, it is only available for a few months in the fall. It makes a great pie when you can find them.

These are just a few of the best apples to use. When choosing your apples, you will want to base it what you can find fresh that holds up well to baking.

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