donkey balls recipe


Go back to childhood with these little donuts called “Donkey balls” which can be enjoyed without limits! You can’t resist nibbling on a few treats during coffee or afternoon tea.

* Ingredients :

☞ 1/4 tsp garlic powder
☞ 1 small fresh onion, chopped
☞ 2 pck crescent rolls pref buttery flavored
☞ 1( 16 oz) cream cheese
☞ 1 pck jimmy dean sausage

* Directions :

1 – Cook sausage/ garlic powder & onion until brown and crunchy .

2 – take the cheese and mixture of flour , unroll crescent rolls and cut crescent in – half to make a triangle . & take a small spoon  of the mixture and spoon into every crescent roll, and  wrap mixture up into little ball making sure the mixture is closed inside.

3 – Put balls on the cookie sheets and bake about 9 min, cool about  3 min should make for 49 balls.
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