Hawaiian Coconut Pineapple Bread Recipe


I’m addicted to this tropical Pineapple Bread Recipe and all its glorious flavors. If you are looking for a dessert-like quick bread that’s sweet, dense, and moist, you’ve found the right place! When you try this pineapple coconut bread, you will be pleasantly surprised by the flavor combinations. It’s topped with a scrumptious toasted coconut and filled with sweet pineapple. What could be better than that? I knew the first time I tasted this Hawaiian bread recipe that it was going to be a family favorite. We can’t turn down those fun flavors, and I doubt you can either. 

Make this amazing bread for a snack or even a tasty breakfast idea. Making bread for friends and neighbors is always greatly appreciated too! It’s pure deliciousness!

baked pineapple bread recipe ready to serve

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