Instant Pot Black Forest Cheesecake Recipe


Instant Pot Black Forest Cheesecake Recipe

Desserts are my ultimate favorite dessert ever and you will often find me making some cherry pie filling desserts! I love the combination of cherries and chocolate so much, I just can’t help myself. 

The last time we hosted a big family dinner, everyone picked what they wanted to bring, but they insisted that I was in charge of desserts. That was easy for me because I was craving something incredible. Being able to prepare this black forest cheesecake recipe in my Instant Pot was a game-changer. It turned out insanely beautiful and the rich velvet texture is even better than I could have imagined. Everyone was so excited to dig into dessert too. They raved over the way it tasted and wanted more! 

What is the Best Pan To Use For Instant Pot Cheesecakes

When you are making cheesecakes in the Instant Pot, you will need to use a springform pan. It should be 6 inches. If you go with a larger pan, it probably will not fit inside of the pressure cooker and won’t work. While you may be able to use a different kind of pan, you won’t have the look and style of a traditional cheesecake unless you make it in a springform pan. 

Why Do You Cover Cheesecake 

The cheesecake will need to be covered because as the pressure cooker does it’s thing, it will produce water droplets on the lid and sides of the pot. They can drop and drip onto the cheesecake. So, keeping it covered will prevent it from making your cheesecake soggy. 

How to Know When Cheesecake Is Done 

The easiest way to tell if a cheesecake is done is to jiggle the pan. If the center wobbles a lot then it needs to continue cooking. If there is a slight wobble in the center only then it’s done. 

Can I Serve This Cheesecake Without Letting it Set Up Overnight

No, it’s vital that the cheesecake sets overnight. This gives it time to properly set up and it would be too liquidy if you tried to skip this step. So, save yourself the heartache and chill it in the fridge so it can set up all the way before indulging. 

Storing Cheesecake 

The Instant Pot black forest cheesecake should cool outside of the fridge for at least one hour. Once it’s cooled down, cover it with tin foil, plastic wrap, or put it inside of a storage container. It will last up to five days in the fridge. Keep it cold whenever you aren’t eating it and it will last a while. 

Can This Cheesecake Be Froze 

Yes, this cheesecake can easily be frozen. Make sure it’s wrapped up all the way and keep it in the freezer for up to 3 months. When it’s time to eat it, you can simply thaw on the counter or in the fridge until it’s the temperature you want. I like to eat it when it’s still a little bit frozen because it’s so cool and refreshing. 

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