Lemon velvet cake


An old-fashioned lemon cake, but made a little simpler, thanks to the use of a cake mix

* Ingredients:

For the dough:

° 6 eggs

° 180 g caster sugar

° 90 g of flour

° 30 g of cornstarch

° the zest of a lemon

° 1 pinch of salt

° 2 tablespoons of water.

For the forage:

° 1 egg

° 150 g caster sugar

° 1 lemon

° 30 g of flour

° 125 g of blanched almonds

° 1 dl of water.

For the whipped cream:

° 400 g of fresh cream

° 1 cl of ice water

° 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar

° 1 bag of vanilla sugar

* Steps :

1. Breaking eggs, detach yolks from whites .

In a bowl, put 6 egg yolks, sugar, salt, water also very finely grated lemon zest; whisk for a long time with a whisk until you obtain a creamy and slightly frothy mixture.

And add little by little to this cream, first flour, and cornstarch .

2. Beat 6 whites until stiff, & gently incorporate them into this preparation.

Prepare three cylindrical molds of the same size butter them and flour them.

Put a third of the preparation in each mold and bake in a very moderate oven  for 45 minutes.

3. Turn out the cakes when they are cold.

4. Prepare the lemon filling: beat the egg, sugar and lemon zest  with a whisk until you obtain a frothy mixture; add the flour and the whole lemon juice mixed with 1 dl of water.

Heat the resulting mixture in a double boiler, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until it turns into a smooth, thick cream.

Let cool and during this time prepare the whipped cream.

I remind you that the secret of success is to beat the cream very cold and with a whisk by hand.

Take the precaution of putting it in the refrigerator 2 hours before assembling it, in the container that will be used for this purpose.

5. Before whipping, add water.

Do not add powdered sugar and vanilla sugar until the end, and little by little.

Gently mix the whipped cream with the cooked cream.

Cut the cakes in half crosswise to obtain 6 large cylindrical slices.

6. Place a first slice in the center of the dish on which you are going to present the cake, spread it with a thick layer of cream and smooth, place a second slice of cake on it, spread another layer of cream and this until when the slices of cake and cream are exhausted.

Coat the top and sides with the rest of the cream.

Brown the almonds in a frying pan then finely chop them and garnish with them around the cake.