Only 4 Ingredients Are Needed To Make This Creamy, Rich Butter Cream Frosting & We Bet They Are In The Fridge!


Cakes and frosting always go together. This is because frosting makes anything taste so sweet, rich, and delicious. However, these tips for making it from scratch will take frosting as you know up a notch!

Everything You Need To Know To Make Homemade Frosting Is: 

 You must put the butter (and cream cheese) out a few hours prior to come to room temperature. Otherwise, if you try to whip them up cold, the frosting may turn out lumpy or dense.   Always sift the powdered sugar before whipping into the frosting. If you skip this step, your frosting may turn out as lumpy as tapioca pudding.

Whip  softened butter  until  light and fluffy.  Mix in  powdered sugar a little at a time until a thick paste forms, whip in  vanilla.  Add milk one tablespoon at a time,  beat for another few minutes or so until you reach a fluffy, spreadable consistency.

Do not refrigerate buttercream.If you refrigerate the buttercream, it will stiffen up like butter and you’ll need to let it come to room temperature.

Here are a few classic frostings:

Basic Buttercream

Softened butter + sifted powdered sugar + vanilla + milk

Chocolate Buttercream

Softened butter + sifted powdered sugar + sifted cacao powder + vanilla + milk

Cream Cheese Frosting

Softened butter + softened cream cheese + sifted powdered sugar + vanilla + milk


These tips for making delicious homemade frosting are so easy, you may just want to make some right now. Have you used these tips to make homemade frosting before?

Let Us Know How It Turned Out!

Article Source: Pop Sugar

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