Sauerkraut And Potato Pierogies


I’ve loved pierogies as long as I can remember. I used to buy them in huge bags from the frozen aisle of the supermarket. There weren’t many in the bag, but I do recall being stuffed after I ate some of them. They’re like huge raviolis that are filled with all sorts of great ingredients. Traditionally though, they include mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Now that I have the perfect recipe, I can put almost anything I want in them. I’ll called them “American” pierogies.

The Recipe

For this recipe, I stuck with tradition. We had the choice of mashed potatoes and cheese or mashed potatoes with sauerkraut. Since Laura is a lover of all thing sauerkraut, I thought that might be the way to go. I enjoy both ingredients, so I would have been happy with either one. We went with the sauerkraut.

I followed this recipe from Cook’s Country. Instead of using a mix of all-purpose and semolina flours, they decided to go with a bread flour, due to the scarcity of semolina flour here in the states. The bread flour offered some good tenderness and texture, so I’m fine with that.

These pierogies have the perfect filling. If I wasn’t very decided on sauerkraut before, I am now. I like the bit of a twang this ingredient offers as well as the opposition of texture from the other ingredient – mashed potatoes. It’s a nice balance.

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