Southern Fried Pickles


There is a restaurant in Mississippi that has the best fried catfish EVER! It is called Cuevas’s Fish House and it is in the middle of nowhere in Kiln, MS. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure the only claim to fame that Kiln can get credit for is Cuevas’s. Their catfish is amazing, so good in fact that it is worth the drive to the middle of nowhere MS just to indulge. It is only about 30 minutes from my parents’ home in Louisiana; so it isn’t so unrealistic to suggest occasional trips to enjoy their golden fried fish. Last time I was visiting home I convinced the family to have dinner there on Saturday night. I have a big family, so we caravaned in several vehicles to partake in the all you can eat experience.

There were several patrons of the Fish House that got their money’s worth – I could look around and tell. My family on the other hand, helped Cuevas’s profit margin that night. First off, my dad is the world’s lightest eater and half of our party was under the age of 5 – they weren’t pounding too many slabs of catfish if you know what I mean. Secondly, we ordered appetizers – you never order appetizers at an all you can eat experience. It is like eating rice at a buffet, it is a filler that should be avoided in order to save room for the good stuff. But, when one of the appetizers offered is fried pickles, how can you refuse? Well folks, we didn’t. And when I got home I told Forrest (who wasn’t with me on my last visit) about the great food in MS and he asked that I make fried pickles at home. So I did…

**Editor’s Notes:
Cuevas’s Fish House is in Picayune, MS – NOT Kiln. (Thank you, Laurin) Brett Favre is Kiln’s claim to fame – NOT fried fish. (Thank you, Laurin and Jesstyler)

To Make this Recipe You’Il Need the following ingredients: