Southern Fried Salmon Patties


My husband loves salmon patties, and while they are both delicious and a common Friday meal during Lent, I think his love of them comes mostly from the memories. Every single time that I make them, he mentions his grandma and how she often made them for him. That’s enough for me to make them for him anytime.

Speaking of Lent, can y’all believe that Easter is right around the corner? Geez. Time sure crawls when you’re young and waiting for permission to wear makeup, or shave your legs, turn 16, 18 or 21, or go out with a guy, or get your license. Why does it fly as you get older? And, come to think of it, are any of those even milestones in a gal’s life anymore these days?

This is really a basic croquettes recipe that can be made using many different proteins, and often was, intended to stretch that little bit of leftover meat into another meal. Saltines are pretty standard for binding, but our grandmas often used leftover mashed potatoes as the binder instead, and sometimes just made croquettes from the potatoes alone. Just about anything will work for these, from shrimp to tuna, to catfish and other white fish, to shredded roast and other meats, or chicken, to just plain potatoes, with a little minor adjustment for seasonings.

Grind leftover meats using your food processor or use your stand mixer and paddle attachment to beat it to submission. Laura Weathers, the Kitchen Aid lady on QVC, shared this tip a few months back – though she might have been using the newest KA hand mixer to be honest. Truth is, it’s one of those tips that’s been around for years, but taken on a new life and suddenly gone viral around the blogosphere thanks to Pinterest here lately – so funny how that happens.

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