Amish Apple Fritter Recipe



For fritters:

2 Tablespoons granulated sugar

2 large eggs

1 cup all-purpose flour

2 tsp. baking powder

½ tsp. cinnamon

½ tsp. salt

¼ cup milk

2 tsp. fresh lemon juice

2-3 cups peeled, cored and chopped Granny Smith or Gravenstein apples (firm pie apples!)

Vegetable oil for deep-frying (approx. 4-5 cups- enough to come halfway up sides of pan or skillet)

For glaze:

1¼ cups powdered sugar

¼ tsp. vanilla

3-4 tsp. warm water (thin enough to make the glaze “paintable”)




In a large bowl (or the bowl to a stand mixer), cream the sugar and eggs for 1-2 minutes with a mixer.

To this, add the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, salt and milk. Mix these ingredients well.

In a separate bowl, mix the chopped apples with the lemon juice. Using a spoon, add the apple mixture to the batter and stir well, to combine.

Heat vegetable oil to 375 degrees (use a deep-fry thermometer or use an electric skillet with a temperature control). It is very important to make sure the temperature is hot enough to fry the fritters correctly.

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