blueberry biscuits

Berries are some of my favorite ingredients in brunch treats like scones or coffee cake or danishes. But what about biscuits? Biscuits are a cousin of scones but more savory and without any sugar. And don’t forget – they are loaded with butter and so so flaky. Adding berries to biscuits is so crazy it might even work!

Based on how gorgeous they look, I’d say they turned out quite nicely!


Blueberry biscuits are the perfect mix of savory and sweet – savory, salty biscuit dough with sweet blueberries, covered in sweet icing. But I can’t take the credit for dreaming up these beauties.

These biscuits were inspired by blueberry biscuits that my husband introduced me to from a fast food chain located mostly in Georgia and the Carolinas. They are some of his favorite things in the world so I felt a responsibility to make these for him so we could have them any time we wanted.


Making any kind of bread, whether it be biscuits, rolls, or loaves, can be a little intimidating. But have no fear – if you are nervous about attempting this recipe, I have the best tips to ensure these biscuits come out perfectly.

  1. The key to incredible, flaky biscuits is cold butter. That’s why we freeze the butter and dry ingredients after mixing them together. Do not skip this step!
  2. To get those gorgeous layers on the biscuits, there’s an easy folding technique I use. It’s similar to how we get the layers in croissants. You simply roll out the dough, fold, turn and roll again. We only repeat this process a few times so we don’t work the dough too much and a few times is just enough to get tons of layers.
  3. Since this recipe uses fresh blueberries, a few of them may burst while you mix and roll the dough. That’s okay! Just add a little flour to the areas with blueberry juice to keep the dough from getting too sticky.