Hands Down, The Best Healthy Hamburger Slow Cooker Soup Recipe On The Internet


Hey, everyone! Today, we are making hamburger soup in the slow cooker. Now, I know we are in the middle of spring and heading towards summer but if you are living in Pennsylvania, you’ll realize why soup is still coveted around these parts. Spring has been a little cold here. Actually, I think spring has been a little cold for many of the 50 states. How about your neck of the woods? Has spring peeked out at you yet with its gorgeous sunny rays of warmth? If not, make this healthy hamburger soup!
What I like most about this hamburger soup is that it is a bit healthier than traditional recipes. For instance, instead of using white potatoes the recipe calls for rutabaga. Now, if you’ve ever used rutabaga in place of potatoes before then you’ll know that their presence is much like those little white spuds that we all know and love.
Instead of shoveling starchy, carby white taters into your gullet you’ll be getting all the goodness of rutabaga, an amazing root vegetable. Enjoy!

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