Honey Roasted Whole Butternut Squash

There is something about the smell of roasted butternut squash wafting in the air that makes it feel like fall. We’ve created a butternut squash recipe your family will love. Filled with fall spices, honey, and butter, this easy to make roasted butternut squash recipe will have your family running to the table.

When butternut squash begins making an appearance at farmers markets and grocery stores, that means one thing. Fall is coming! Low in fat, filled with fiber, and high in vitamin B6 (that helps with the immune system) and antioxidants, butternut squash should be a staple on fall menus. The easiest way to prepare butternut squash is simply to roast it in the oven. We’ve created an easy butternut squash recipe your family will love. 

It’s filled with the spices of fall – cinnamon and allspice. Drizzled with a honey butter, the butternut squash is mouthwatering. Scoring the squash is an extra step, it helps the squash absorb all the flavors. It’s not difficult to do and worth the little extra effort. This easy to make butternut squash recipe is simple enough for a weeknight dinner and fancy enough for a holiday side dish. 

Sweet & buttery, this vitamin and mineral abundant honey roasted butternut squash is the perfect kid pleasant sidedish for any meal!

There is some thing about the odor of roasted butternut squash wafting in the air that produces it feel like autumn. We’ve created a butternut skillet your family would cherish. Packed up with autumn honey, spices, and butter, this easy to make roasted butternut skillet will probably get your family members managing into the table.

Squash is some thing my kids have always taken to because they’ve needed it since they were quite youthful, however think about those big kids?It’s a vegetable, right?! Kids are just notorious for pointing out that out and making sure you know that they understand !

Make it fun. Permit them pick out the squash at the farmer’s market or retailer.
Let them allow you to prep it. Permit them put their fingers in the midst and scoop out the seeds. Let them scatter the butter all over! And place the squash on non-stick baking mats.
Just a little drizzle of honey not hurt ! My kids will try virtually such a thing if there’s actually a guarantee of a little honey. A tiny drizzle is not going to them sugar spike quality honey has lots of health benefits any way. I’d indicate that if you’ve got super little ones — as in underage 4 or 3, this really is probably needless. Butternutsquash in particular is super candy onto it’s personal, and it’s most effective to just maintain these palates super-low key provided that you can on those ones that are little.