If you like egg rolls, this is amazing

Homemade Egg Rolls are a favorite around here, when we go for dinner, egg rolls is one of my favorite things to order! Making egg rolls is easy so easy and everyone loves them!
What’s in an Egg Roll?

These egg rolls are filled with a pork and veggie filling and while the recipe doesn’t call for bean sprouts, I sometimes enjoy adding them as well!

Once rolled, they are fried until crispy & hot however these can also be baked (however you won’t get the same crispy crust you find when you fry them).

You will be able to make at least 12 egg rolls and possibly more. You may be wondering where to buy egg roll wrappers and the good news is almost every grocery store has them! Check the produce area (near the tofu products) or the freezer. If you don’t see them, just ask.

Most egg roll wrappers come more than 12 per package I just make as many as I can until the filling runs out!
How to Make Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls are so easy to make! For the traditional egg rolls, I simply cook the filling and add it to the egg roll wrapper. Roll, fry and enjoy!

While I add pork and veggies, you can add any fillings you like including beef or keeping them all vegetable.

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