Impossible Cheeseburger Pie Recipe


– This was very easy and fairly quick to put together. We really enjoyed it. If you like spicy or hot you’ll need to add something to ‘spice’ it up. We’re not much of spicy food people so this fit the bill for us.
– I forgot the first rule of recipe tryout: Read reviews first! I made this exactly as written except I added a couple of minced garlic cloves. I should have used a little salt, although I don’t salt anything any more. I whisked the Bisquick with milk & eggs & it was very runny. Finished dish was a little bland, improved with ketchup &, while the Bisquick did creep into all the nooks & crannies, it tasted under-cooked. The second time I made this I cut the milk to 1/3 C. & added 3 eggs. I also placed 1/2 ground beef in pie pan, added the cheese then remaining meat. Baked it for 20 minutes, added more cheese to the top & returned it to oven to finish. I also added salt this time. Perfection! This is now in my permanent rotation of meals.

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