Lemony Lemon Brownies

These Lemon Brownies are lemony, lemony, lemony. Topped with a lemon glaze and bursting with lemon flavor.

We’re finally home after spending an entire month out West living out of our suitcases, hanging with family and friends. One thing I’ve noticed about the West is that we’re all huggers.

When we haven’t seen family or friends for a while hellos and goodbyes are said with a big squeeze which is a lot different from the Florida way. It’s taken me years to get used to Florida hellos and goodbyes.

In Florida when you greet someone it involves a kiss to both cheeks with a side hug.

I didn’t really know that there was an unwritten protocol to the kiss/hug combo until I had lived here for about a year and realized there was more science to the greeting beyond aimlessly weaving and kissing cheeks.

Oh how many awkward encounters I could have saved myself if I would have known!

To do the Floridian hello correctly you kiss their right cheek first and then left cheek with a half hug in there too. I always have to remind myself when looking at person to aim left, which would be their right cheek.

I’m not sure if it’s all of Florida, but in south Florida, this seems to be the rule of thumb. But even thought I’ve got the rules down I still have awkward greetings from time to time where we both go in the same direction.

I’m pretty sure I’ve accidentally made out with my husband’s security guy at work at least a couple of times. So there you go…if you’re ever in Florida, you know what to do.

These lemon brownies aren’t just a little lemony. These are packed full of lemon flavor. They have a sweet lemon brownie base with a tart glaze on top.

They kind of reminded me of Lemonheads candy that I used to eat by the pool when I was little. Or these Lemon Drop cookies.Look how gorgeous the bright flecks of lemon zest are. These babies are just screaming summer!

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