Pistachio Pudding Cookies


Happiness is eating a cookie… among other things, but high on the list is the act of sinking our teeth into a sweet, chewy cookie. And we know it is next to impossible to eat only one, especially a cookie as delicious as the one we recently fell in love with. Unlike cooking, where a pinch of this and a little of that can be free-styled without much consequence, in baking, ingredients need to be precise in order to ensure the finished product is perfection. Especially with cake products and some cookies, that “moist” factor can make or break an entire recipe. A seasoned baker has their ways of achieving that perfect balance, and the end result is dessert magic.

We “heart” cookies. Pretty much any cookie will do, but we really like these delicious pistachio cookies made with a secret ingredient: pudding mix! Not only does it add that distinctive pistachio flavor and sweet nuttiness, its most valuable contribution is keeping these cookies chewy and moist. Many of us already know about this trick for cakes and cupcakes, but cookies also benefit from pudding mix. And our pistachio cookies come out extra amazing, thanks to the addition of white chocolate chips and bits of chopped pistachio.

Once you’ve whipped up the batter and popped these babies into the oven, only a few minutes are between you and a sweet treat. We love adding white chocolate chips for a creamy sweetness that pairs really well with the nuts. The nutty flavor is a tastebud’s delight, but also for the color factor – the pistachio green will stand out against the rest at any bake sale or cookie exchange. Pistachio pudding cookies are sweet, chewy, and offer up something a little different to the usual cookie routine.

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