Secret Ingredient Meatloaf

I just love meatloaf. I’m not sure exactly why, but I do. It probably has a lot to do with the leftovers. There’s nothing more comforting and therapeutic than a meatloaf sandwich on gooey white bread with some Duke’s mayo… but I digress. Did I mentioned I love meatloaf? The end piece is my favorite! ?

Anyway, I’ve got a delicious twist on meatloaf for you today. You know how a recipe combines the most basic ingredients in the most perfect ratios and the end result is just phenomenal? Well, for me, this is one of those recipes. This is my new favorite meatloaf. And honestly, I really have two secrets. The first is a method. I don’t cook my meatloaf in a loaf pan. I prefer to form my meatloaf in the center of a prepared 9×13 pan. It allows all the grease to drain away and you get that golden brownness on 3 sides rather than just the top with a loaf pan.

My other secret is blood mary mix. It adds the perfect flavor and tang to meatloaf. I like to use a really tangy and zesty one like Zing Zang – it’s my favorite. And I saw the other day that many stores now sell individual 12-ounce cans of bloody mary mix in the mixer sections, so that is perfect for this.

Now, y’all go make this and be sure not to eat it all. You’ll want that meatloaf sandwich for lunch tomorrow. Y’all enjoy!!