this easy Italian christmas cookies will fill your home with an intoxicating scent.and the freshness of the holiday season.

I advice you to try this loving recipe by everyone . You only need to follow the following steps .

* You will need :

☞ 2 small spoon vanilla
☞ 4 cup flour
☞ 5 tsp baking powder
☞ 5 eggs
☞ 1 cup sugar
☞ 1 cup butter

Icing :

☞ 2 tsp. vanilla
☞ 6 tsp. water
☞ 2 cup sifted confectioner’s sugar

* Insructions :

☞ In a bowl,whisk eggs add butter and sugar and whisk well . We add other ingredients

☞ Add the flour and knead until the dough is firm.Roll the dough in your hands in the form of a ball,as in the picture,and place it on the cake leaves painted . Bake for 11 min

☞ Collect the icing ingredients until they are creamy .

☞ Dip the tops of the cooled cookies into the glaze and sprinkle with trim while glaze is still wet.