Unbelievable cinnamon roll bread recipe


Ammmare: Unbelievable cinnamon roll bread recipe, No yeast, No mixer   No flour, that takes just a few min .
As you know Cinnamon is a highly delicious spice And ;Cinnamon Lowers Blood Sugar Levels and Has a Powerful Anti-Diabetic Effect.

        *   Ingredients

              Bread :

                1 cup milk
                2 tsp vanilla extract
                1/3 cup plain greek yogurt
                3 cups  flour
                1 tablespoon baking powder
                1 tsp salt
                1 cup sugar
                2 eggs

              Swril  :

                2 tsp butter, melted
                1 cup sugar
                2 tsp cinnamon

              Glaze :

                1 cup powdered sugar
                3 tsp cream

    Quick 7-Up Biscuits recipe anyone can make it, just a few min

          * Ingredients

              ☞  1 cup 7-up
              ☞  1 cup melted butter
              ☞  5 cups bisquick
              ☞  1 cup sour cream

         * Method

1 – Mix bisquick, sour cream & 7 up . Knead the dough until the baking mixture is covered, dry the dough and cut the biscuit .Melt the butter on the bottom of the tray put the biscuit over the melted butter and bake for 15 min